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Become a Volunteer Dispatcher

Are you a current or former Public Safety Professional or Volunteer? Or are you a Public Safety Scanner Radio enthusiast? Do you have some extra time on your hands? Well then you can help!

We are looking for such individuals from all over the country who would like to become part of our team. Our Dispatchers consist of Public Safety Personnel, interested Citizens, and Retirees that participate and make Alertpage what it is today. A large group of dedicated personnel that enjoy getting the alerts out to our 1,000ís of subscribers.

Dispatchers have access to multiple technologies and computer interfaces, the centerpiece of which is our proprietary Computer Assisted Dispatch system. Multiple data streams and resources allow our dispatchers to quickly access and receive vital information, network with other dispatchers, and send accurate, timely Incident Alerts to subscribers all over the United States.



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I am an active First Responder
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